Human Resource Professionals with Broad Expertise and Skills

Your guide through the jungle of Human Resources, fraught with perils like these:

  • Overlooking important legal requirements that can result in costly financial penalties.
  • Wasting time interviewing candidates who don’t end up having the skills you need.
  • Discriminatory hiring practices by untrained supervisors that lead to liability.

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Conservator of Human Assets®

Really, the list of issues when you’re dealing with people is endless. But since people are your most valuable asset, it’s important to implement and execute your Human Resource (HR) function effectively.

AmEnde Human Resource Consulting can evaluate your current HR practices and help you put improvements in place that will strengthen your HR function and make sure you’re complying with ever-changing labor and employment laws.

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HR Consulting Services

We provide on-site HR consulting services for small companies (fewer than 150 employees) with no professional HR staff. It’s like having your own HR department only when you need it for resolving a problem or coordinating a special project!

We also work as a subcontractor to large corporate Human Resource departments on specific projects like compensation surveys, recruiting, and employee training. In fact, our services are invaluable to companies in Connecticut that find themselves in a tight schedule or understaffed for larger projects that are beyond the everyday HR functions.