Barbara AmEnde and Susan Dill

Expert Recruiting for Key Employees

Recruitment is one of our specialties. We act as your in-house Professional Recruiter from start to finish, from developing the recruitment plan right through to checking in with your new hires one and two weeks into their placement.

Here’s the Full Scope of What We Do

  • Develop the Recruitment Plan
  • Design, Revise, or Update Job Descriptions
  • Design the Job Posting
  • Review Your Company’s Employment Application
  • Place Postings in Appropriate Venues
  • Screen Resumes for Basic Requirements
  • Develop a Customized Pre-Screening Questionnaire
  • Conduct Telephone Pre-Screenings
  • Develop a Customized Behavioral Interview Guide
  • Coordinate Interview Scheduling with Your In-House Department
  • Participate in Face-to-face Interviews
  • Conduct a Review of All Candidates and Scoring
  • Track All Candidates
  • Initiate Background Checks
  • Coordinate Criminal Background Checks
  • Coordinate Drug Screen Test
  • Conduct Personal Reference Checks
  • Make a Verbal Offer On Your Behalf
  • Create a Written Offer Letter
  • Respond to Rejected and Interviewed Candidates
  • Follow Up with Report (I-9, New Hire Reporting)
  • Assist with Employee Orientation
  • Check In with Your New Employees at Weeks 1 and 2