Barbara AmEnde and Susan Dill

Strategic Activities

We bring knowledge and resources to assist your company’s growth in a variety of ways:

  • Opportunities for Tax Incentives, Loans or Grants: We inform and assist you with state and federal opportunities for tax incentives, loans or grants that match your industry.
  • Succession Planning: We work with you to develop a succession plan through careful recruitment and selection of candidates to complete the process.
  • Employee Development: We help in assessing development needs and identifying development opportunities as a key to retention of your employees.
  • Company Culture: Moving to a new location? Rapid growth or shrinking employee base? These events trigger cultural changes which we help smooth out the bumps in the road and build the new team.
  • Custom Programming: Each company has its own “pulse”. We create/resource workshops that address your specific company needs.
  • Company Security & Safety: Times are changing. Company security and overall safety have become an increasing concern. We can provide qualified experts for risk evaluations and associated educational workshops.